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Top 10 Questions About "7 Figure Mini Groups - Platinum Edition" Answered

If you have any unanswered questions, we have compiled the top 10 questions on this page:

1. I missed the live workshop. Is there a link to the replay?

Absolutely! We understand that not everyone can make it live, and with doors about to close, we've decided to make the replay available until Midnight Thursday.

After that the doors close and our focus turns to all the new students, and ensuring their success with this groundbreaking method, plus cutting-edge software.

Check out the training while it's still online, this could be your biggest online business breakthrough ever...

2. Is saturation an issue if there are lots of us doing the same thing?

Good question. While it might seem like a lot of us are doing the same thing, each person brings a unique approach and personality to their mini group.

PLUS they are all promoting different products that pay different commissions, that have different resources and leads to natural variation in approach.

Not to mention the market size for some of these niches is so huge it's highly unlikely people would even see both of your mini groups.

Remember though, uniqueness is your strength, and it's what will set your group apart.

3. What other tools do I need aside from the ones provided from joining the program?

This is a remarkably simple business model, which is another one of the reasons why it’s so exciting.

Especially in comparison to other business models that require a dozen tools, or more, for you to succeed.

Other than the tools we provide you with inside the A.I. Mini Group Platinum Edition Mentorship Program, you’ll need a basic funnel building tool (such as ClickFunnels Classic) and an email autoresponder tool (such as Aweber).

Both tools have free trials (so it’s free to get started) and both are very affordable (costing less than $150). Not other tools are needed.

4. Any Niches this Program will not work in?

This business model works for almost every big money niche online.

But of course, nothing works for everything.

This strategy is not a fit for commodity niches. For example, the lightbulb, lipstick, or hairbrush niches.

Nobody needs an education in order to buy these things.

So products and niches like that are not a fit for this strategy.

Some other niches that are a good idea to stay away from, include: guns, drugs, sex, anything taboo.

5. Does this require you to go live or be on video live?

The beauty of this business model is that you get to decide what’s right for you. You can be on video or else you don’t have to show your face.

I, Caleb, personally don’t like being on camera a lot. So I prefer to use slide deck videos, like you’ve seen me do on my webinars. So if you enjoy being on camera, fabulous, that works

And if you don’t enjoy being on camera, fabulous, use slide decks like me — and that works great. Yeehaw! :-)

6. How many times can you do a mini group a month? A year?

When I started out, I often did three Mini Groups per month.

Then, I slowed it down to one per month. These days, I only do about four or five per year.

As your experience grows, so does your profit.

As your profit grows, so does the quantity of members you put into your group. So these days, even though I only do four to five per year, I still make seven figures. But it’s entirely up to you how many you want to do.

This is a fabulous business model It can be a full-time business if you really want it to be (my student Carl Allen turned this into an 8-figure business) or else it can be a perfect lifestyle business. You’re in control.

7. How do I automate all of this? It sounds manual.

For a starter, for the first time ever, I've made a tool for just about every single item in the course.

That means if you need to write an email similar in structure to one I've written, then you have a tool for it, just fill in a few blanks and let the AI write that email for you.

Same goes for many other elements, including writing facebook ads, scripts for slides for any video for your group... you name it, we have it automated.

And once you've made all these things, you can run the same content again for a new group, any time (if it's promoting the same product, but just build up a new audience).

The same emails are used agin and again to promote your mini group next time also, so no need to write them again.

The same trainings, the same audiences to advertise to, the same ads etc. etc. can all be reused.

Once your first mini group is optimized, you can re-use the model again and again.

So YES you can absolutely automate the whole thing, at least to a point where 80% of the work is done for you, so then it only takes an hour or two per day to run :)

8. What products or training do we sell in the mini group? I either missed that part or do we have to create our own? How would a beginner do that and still be able to implement the mini group right away?

If you’re a complete beginner, and you don’t have your own product, that’s great news. I’ll show you how to make affiliate commissions from tested, proven, super-profitable products that sell like hotcakes inside Mini Groups.

And, of course, if you have your own product or service, I’ll show you how to use this strategy to sell it by the truckload.

9. I am not sure if this is for me, I am not a Techie?

Don’t worry. I’m the most “tech challenged” guy I know. I once nearly caused a complete tech meltdown inside my business by clicking the wrong button inside a tool.

My team immediately banned me from using any “critical” tool with use in-house. 

Lol. Anyway, this business model — and the A.I. tools we created — are easier to use than a smart phone. So if you can use a smart phone... if you can point and click and use Google... then you have all the skills needed to succeed with this. I promise.

And if you ever get confused, frustrated, or discombobulated along the way, you just let me know on one of the 3 live calls you have with me each week — and I’ll have one of my team members jump on the phone with you, for a private one-to-one call, to eliminate whatever issue you have.

My commitment is simple: No man or woman left behind with this mentorship. I’ll move mountains to ensure your success.

10. I do not have a list. Will this work for me and what is the approach to use?

It’s true, an email list is the most valuable asset you can own. Any time you need a fast cash-injection, all you gotta do is send an email promoting a solution, and the money comes flying in.

That’s why every successful marketer online has an email list. Nothing makes them more money. The good news is, you don’t need an email list to begin with this. Throughout the training, we’ll be walking you through the process of building your own email list for this.

We’ll build you the funnel, get you the traffic, and empower you with everything you need to make money.

The entire approach is simple:

Get Buyer-Prospects onto your email list, put them into a 12 day Mini Group, get them excited, make
them desire the solution you promote (an affiliate offer or your own) then unleash an all-out buying frenzy inside the group.

My team and I will hand-hold you through the entire journey, A to Z, to do everything possible to ensure your success with your very first A.I. Mini Group.